Noveember thoughts

  • Upon awakening, one rejoices in the advent of another day. Many people die unexpectedly during the night, but now there is at least one more day, filled with limitless spiritual opportunities. One then reflects on samsaric conditions and generates compassion and love for all beings, holding them equal to one's own mother in loving kindness, rejoicing in any virtues they have created and in the happiness it brings them.

    A buddha's enlightened mind is omniscient, simultaneously encompassing within its awareness the single, absolute, empty nature of phenomena and the multiplicity of their specific details and patterns of interrelatedness.
    The term "buddha" refers not only to the historical Shakyamuni, whose example we revere, but to the countless beings who have reached buddhahood during the innumerable eons of the infinite universe.

    When we say, "I seek buddhahood," we commit ourselves to following the examples of the buddhas and bodhisattvas in revealing the buddha nature within ourselves and all beings.

    —Red Tara Commentary by Jane Tromge