December thoughts

  • Acquiring the ability to manifest an illusory body means, in effect, that one has overcome death forever. Ordinarily one has no control over the process of death, intermediate state, and rebirth, being powerlessly drawn into cyclic existence again and again; but one who has attained an illusory body cannot die, for to die means to experience the process of death due to the impelling force of karma, thence to be drawn into an intermediate state body and thence to be drawn into yet another birth. One who has achieved an illusory body has gained control over the winds and can experience the process of death without entering the intermediate state and taking rebirth. An Action Seal is a special partner, one who must have received initiation in the tantra, know its meaning, keep the pledges and vows, and at least have experience of the stage of generation, if not the stage of completion. Some tantras even specify the shape, type of eyes, tone of voice, and skills in the sixty-four "arts of love" that should be possessed by an ideal Action Seal.