Sensual Connection

  • Ten years ago today I was in my cell exercising expecting nothing special that day, when a beautiful lady officer in charge of handing out mail came to my cell speaking my name so sexy, giving me three pieces of mail from a sender who’s name I didn’t recognize, distracted by this officer I put them aside and went on exchanging small talk wit her getting lost in her smile forgetting about my mail until moments later after showering and getting relaxed, I picked the envelope with pictures finding myself staring into the most beautiful eyes I ever seen, my heart beated and pounding, back then I was still in a relationship and checked myself from lusting, I never believed in love at first sight until then…her name was Carmen and was interested in being pen pals.  She was married and not happy while me and my ex-girlfriend struggled too.  Carmen began visiting persistently, seeing her in person was like standing in front of a goddess, her curves became engraved on my mind, exotic green eyes looking deep into my soul charging me with sensual passion.  I maintained my loyalty to my ex as Carmen pressed for us to be lovers writing intimate feelings, I regret the day I agreed and never have forgiven myself after finding out her husband took her life away he’d found those letters.


    Sometimes I still secretly wish to see her name on my incoming mail, it’s been ten years and I continue to write poetry about her, recently posted a portrait with a poem called “Unique” on showing my respects to this special friend I could never forget.  I welcome you to check it out.  Thanks for reading this blog.



    Arturo Mr. Whack-O Orozco


    Song Dedication: “Blessing”

    By K. Camp