Crooked Cops I

  • On February 13th 2000 me and little brother were arrested in the state of Arkansas (on this case) without a search warrant while at my daughter’s mother home, illegally held at the Arkansas Rogers Police Department and Benton County jail for the Chicago Homicide Detectives (Area 4) to fly in to interrogate us, during interrogation I was denied a lawyer upon request and the usage of the phone by both Arkansas police and Chicago homicide detectives, showing me confessions of my homeboys and attempted murder victim, all accused my little brother of shooting/killing the murder victim (a family member of a Chicago police officer who attended the same police academy with the detectives, they began using physical force on my little brother for me to observe, trying to get me to snitch and become a witness against him, as I refused they began beating/punching me too, going as far as bringing my pregnant ex-girlfriend and one year old daughter in the police station, intimidating her into making false confessions, threatening me to charge her for obstruction of justice for giving false information and putting my one year old in government custody, overwhelming me into fabricating a confession in where I declare myself as the person that committed the crime.  Prosecutors showed my jury this false confession and I was found guilty, now after seventeen years I’m back in court for post-conviction proceedings to prove my innocence.  You could read witnesses testimonies here in the “Documents Section,” you may also read more on this matter on “”


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