Crooked Cops II

  • Since our incarceration we been harassed by the murder victim’s family working as correctional officers here in Illinois, using their friends inside prison to make this possible, I been approached by these correctional officers – learning of them bribing other inmates to try assassinating our character and reputation, creating a hostile environment that’s lead to many altercations causing many prisoners to get hurt.  It’s been seventeen years we been continuously subjected to many forms of harassment which most inmates don’t experience – constantly been placed in the hole for false accusations, depriving me of privileges and having my property broken. I been transferred to all max prisons in Illinois and to the new closed SuperMax, keeping me in Administrative Detention at Pontiac Correctional Center under allegations to ordering the assaults of other prisoners, having a negative influence on inmates out at the prison general population, and labeling me a known gang leader for a organization known as the Almighty Latin Kings Nation.  Throughout all these years I been reminded repeatedly by prison administrators the reason for this mistreatment. I continue to stay focused on my appeal in court all while these family members bitterness and misery will continue causing more innocent people to get caught in the middle of this battle, individuals who have no clue what they’re up against. I’m a humble and just man who refuses to be harassed or disrespected. Thank you for reading my blog. If you got any information on this case contact my attorney at, select one of the ways to contact me, thanks.


    Have a good day and night.


    Respectfully Submitted,

    Arturo Orozco Jr.