Love and Hip Hop

  • VH1 got love and hip hop shows at New York, Atlanta, L.A. and Florida, that’s cool but wus up with Chi-Town??? Know what I’m saying??? I ain’t feeling that so when I come home we picking up a team getting up with real artists out the Chi getting fine mamis to represent us from all over letting the world see how we do it, know what I mean???


    I checkout these shows and ain’t feeling them, there’s something missing and know what that is – real life people doing real struggling showing it like it is; there’s a lot of pretending and phony kicking it on camera, know what I mean??? So I’m thinking of keeping one hundred all the way, you heard???

    Most of them cats on them shows be all in their chics business acting soft, you see what I’m saying??? So I ain’t feeling that, straight up…we should allow mamis do what they do while we handle our business in studio, doing shows and kicking it how we do in the Chi, demonstrating how real street dudes get down, you see???


    There’s more to hip hop than just music, some forget about the arts (dancing, clothing, painting) know what I’m saying??? I visualize a display of little bit of everything. People who watch these shows may feel the same way, this is a lifestyle that some always going to be apart of and notice when something’s missing or misrepresented you heard??? Lift your ink pen and write your ideas, thoughts, comments. I appreciate you checking out my blog, you’re welcome to write back, yo boy.


    Mr. Whacko


    Favorite Music Videos:

    “Rake It Up” – Yo Gotti

    “Bodak Yellow” – Cardi B.

    “Hacerte El Amor” - Wisin