Crooked Cops

  • On February 13th, 2000 I was nineteen years of age when I was beaten and threatened by Chicago homicide detectives trying to force me into being a witness against my little brother, as I refused to cooperate they began threatening to charge my ex-girlfriend who at the time was pregnant, showing me pictures of her and my one year old daughter sitting in the police station interrogation room, further to place my daughter in government custody.


    After continuously asking to have a lawyer present during my interrogations, they refused.  I was not permitted to use the phone and I had no way of finding out if my ex-girlfriend and one year old were at home or in police custody as detectives had made me believe, I was conscious of my constitutional rights being constantly violated from the moment I was arrested at my ex-girlfriends house without a search warrant, unlawfully held at the police station after the judge had ordered my release, and repeatedly questioned without a lawyer present, due to all this the police and detectives had done to me I started to believe they would carry out those threats made against my ex-girlfriend and daughter, the detectives played a mini tape recorder so that I may hear my daughter crying, telling me “Your daughter cried when I took her from your girlfriends arms, she cried all night.”  Angered, irritated and agitated I told detectives I would say it was me if they promise to let my brother, ex-girlfriend and daughter go.  They told me to make a confession, told me what to say and advised me to show tears so the judge would believe me.  I was found guilty after prosecutors showed the jury my confession.  After seventeen years I’m back in court demanding justice and freedom…