For All Beautiful Women

  • Check it out, a while back I was watching this T.V. show “Wildin Out” and saw Iggy Azalea rap this cut “Team,” I started to pay attention to the lyrics and found myself deep thought while checking her spit, leading me to realize that she seem like the type of chic that gets bullied and targeted for her looks and kind personality, I have seen many fine chics get mistreated and picked on in the past, it’s those experiences that lets me recognize certain signs and behaviors, so when I seen Iggy’s character and personality, I was capable to familiarize her with all them pretty chics that got hated on by other girls.  I have met gorgeous looking women in the past who are very self-confident, trusting, kind and selfless, making me realize that these qualities in women is what makes every chic sexier in my eyes, not only the physical aspect.  I also seen very pretty looking ladies act like demons which make them appear less attractive.  Nicky Minaj for example disrespected Iggy a few years ago and I noticed Iggy responded with style and class, this is what I found to be sexy about her, now after my experiences I pay attention to detail and what matters most about a chic, as a single man I unconsciously search for these good qualities in all the women I meet.  If you share these characteristics I described above, I dedicate you these following songs:


    “Love on the Brain” By: Rihanna


    “I Feel It Coming” By: The Weeknd


    Feel comfortable to make comments or to respond if you identify and agree.  I invite you to become my pen-pal.  Until we meet, take good care and good night.



    Arturo “Mr. Whack-O” Orozco