Crooked Cops II

  • Since my appeal started in 2005 I been transferred around to all maximum and super maximum security prison in Illinois under pretexts, placing me in administrative detention for false allegations of me been a “known gang leader” for the Latin Kings, labeling me a Security Threat Group and a negative influence to inmates in general population.  I been targeted and harassed by correctional officers that give my incoming mail (letters) to other prisoners, put me in the hole for fabricated information, damage my belongings and property.  For years I been experiencing these types of mistreatments which no other prisoners are subjected to, all due to the family members of the murder victim of my case being correctional officers in Illinois using their connections throughout the state prison system to make my imprisonment more cruel and more difficult.  I’ve learned this information by correctional officers whom at some point were members of a street gang and are associated to prisoners considered stand up individuals and my friends, learning about these family members using other gangs in prison to attempt targeting me and younger brother, paying inmates whom for years have tried to assassinate our characters and reputations.  Inmates that we’ve been obligated to confront, placing me in situations with innocent individuals that have no clue of what they are up against, all due to these family members who don’t care if we are innocent, but only have vengeance in their minds.  I have posted blogs in the past where I tried not to expose this information because we could handle all this in here but now I would like to share it because these family members are not playing it clean.  They use money and their uniform to harass, all while we’re fighting for our freedom.


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