A Jury of My Peers vs. Public Opinion Friday, March 30, 2012

  • “We, the jury (Tracy Moore, Jaime Lynn, Rita Fuentes, Perry Smith, Vickie Short, Stanley Motl, Robert Beaver, Judith Picot, Norma Jacot, Bruce Matous, James McKellar, and Donald Scott)”


    This is the twelve that judged me.  However, a court of public opinion would have done a better job.  I shared the idea with a paralegal about putting my case on the net.  I rec’d no response good or bad.  Public opinion is a powerful tool.  The question still remains, is it a good to use the web to bring attention to my case?  If so, what is the best avenue of putting 1500 pages of trial transcripts online with no budget?  Now, that’s the million dollar question to tipping justice in my favor.  TRU 2DA GAME