• Idk what's wrong with people not wanting to be my friend.  All I want to do is share my artwork with a few cool friends, and be able to communicate with people of good nature.  Lately, I've been drawing a bunch of nice Mickey Mouse drawings that I think someone will really appreciate.  I also do a bit of in-house art that I know you'll enjoy.  Man, what's really going on in your world?  Why don't you share your world with mine, and let's do this....


    What's the deal with sharing your thoughts with me.  I love every kind of music - Rap, country, hip-hop, etc. and I think Rhianna is freaking hott.  LOL.


    I am an adventurour person who would like to do some traveling soon.  What's your city or hometown like?  I enjoy scenery photos, or post cards are awesome.  I will be waiting for you to write me.  If not, send me a message.


    Holla' at me.  Sincerely, Jose