This Is Now

  • A time ago it was all lively and joyous,

    A time ago it was all pure and worriless.


    We walk, we talk, we balk, and then find fault,

    Of impatience, we pace, and walk back & forth.


    Be triumph in persistence and conquer you dreams,

    Sometimes it takes a lifetime, it always seems.


    Practice harmony & enjoy company with the influential,

    For this renders righteousness and it is essential.


    It is reasonable to encounter roadblocks of frustrations,

    But a stronger mind maintains ideals and aspirations.


    Take pause and prepare for society’s road of resistance,

    But strive to overcome and detour to a path of persistence.


    Embrace strength of willingness & become the wiser ingenious,

    As you distinguish negativity, as it is meaningless.


    A time ago, it was then, this is now,

    A time ago, it was then, you can make it now.