• PRESIDENT'S OPTIMISM FALLS SHORT OF REALITY If you believe that Pres. Obama's optimistic on bringing jobs back, I'll reserve a steak dinner platter for you. First of all, many corporate giants and companies with huge payrolls already streamlined their workforce and not rehiring, realizing no longer needing additional employees. Also, US companies gone abroad, while other smaller ones fell to the economy woes, never to rebound (5-year prediction) With unemployment at 10%, it's another deceiving fault. Some don't collect unemployment, therefore they're not counted as unemployed, some took early retirement, some died. A no-brainer realization.... there will never be enough jobs for those wanting work. It's called population explosion. There are too many people in this country, in part, from incoming immigrants. The United States needs a leader attending needs of tax-payers, not someone who enjoys the lime-light on TV giving speeches in disregard of the American people.