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  • Understand Me

    Gain access through knowledge, decipher my thoughts

    Vision the path I walk, slang I talk

    Still won’t understand me, but it’s cool!!

    First impression

    Shy, laid back, witty and hood smoove

    Same demeanor since Grammar School

    Swagger Phenomenal

    Cool as the air we breathe, down on game like arms in long sleeves

    Nominated too smooth, too cool in High School, played by my own Rules

    Sorta to the left, thinking of new dialogue and ideas as others slept

    Verbal Artist, paint pictures with words

    Conversation so animated, voice so brisk,

    Gamble on for sure things, uncertainty is a risk, (like Love)

    Mild mannered far from a Thug,

    I’m watching you as you try to figure me out

    Listen to learn- Momma’s discipline “Learn to listen”

    Now since 30, my senses glisten

    To character flaws- deceit and street laws

    Volatile thoughts, but you’ll never know I’m on edge

    “you say”

    Arrogant, extremely serious

    It’s all in your head, my perception’s different, I like charity

    Unorthodox ways, makes my mind a maze, often entertains

    For those who are familiar, gets laughs and friendship for days

    Not too complex, just me, same as yesterday

    Don’t make me change on you, because of (you)

    So when you meet me, give me a pound, a what’s up, a handshake, a hug

    And I’ll show nothing but love and like to get it back

    Once I’m understood, it’s all good!!

    Sooo many facets……… me

    Shoulder’s full of hopes, dreams and regrets, a person

    In your life you can’t forget

    Hopeless Romantic, old school, full of compassion,

    And I think loyalty should always be in fashion

    Never let my morals and values fall in with the wrong classes,

    Not even for quick finances…..I’m going with the good guy angle…..