Daniel Rouse's Poetry

  • Distant Storms

    -Distant Storms-
    lighting flashes off in the distance
    followed by a roar and rumble
    with scents of rain on the wind
    I lie in my bunk unafraid of storms
    Of life and its disasters
    I've lived long and hard for love
    stood in down pours of pain
    and waded through raging rivers of heartache
    I've kissed,loved,and lost
    both lovers and scoundrels with the cost
    being both monumental sorrow and aching surrender
    but i have lived
    life's storms roll across a perilous world
    where no one is promised tomorrow
    so live , love and dare to take chances
    to be alive and give your all
    your heart , your mind ,body and soul for love
    then the distant storms of this world can never threaten
    Daniel 2020