Daniel Rouse's Poetry

  • My Situation

    -- My Situation--
    Oh how my mind seeks rest
    and my heart seeks a friend
    my heart still goes without
    because the situation I'm in
    my situation causes pain
    it causes destruction and disgrace
    it even caused the ones who love me
    to disappear before my face
    some lasted through the winter
    others through the spring and fall
    but my situation has outlasted them all
    now it's only me and my situation
    it haunts me like a curse
    sometimes i even think my situation
    will even outlast my life here on earth
    why did they let my situation scare them ?
    was their love even real ?
    or was it out of sight out of mind ?
    regardless of how one feels ?
    i respect my situation
    its taught me to help myself
    its taught me to love everyone
    but not to but my faith in anyone but myself
    its funny how situations occur
    even funnier how they end
    I'll never forget my situation
    because its showed me my true friends
    Daniel 2020