Daniel Rouse's Poetry

  • The Men Behind The Wall

    The men behind the wall
    some men live for others and make their presence known
    some men live in seclusion and choose to walk alone
    some men stand for justice and walk inside the law
    but of these men the group I'm in are the men behind the wall
    they've give up their freedom they've sacrificed their rights
    by day they walk in darkness and sorrow fills their nights
    they've learned to hide their teardrops but still the teardrops fall
    they cry alone as hope seems gone for the men behind the wall
    some have lost their family most have lost their friends
    today will bring a heartache that tomorrow cannot mend
    where letters go unanswered and no one takes their call
    they count their cost as much is lost for the men behind the wall
    if there is one who is righteous let them cast the stone
    and if you've known perfection then let him die alone
    the one man who was perfect was judged in pilate's hall
    he knows best their debts and loves them yet
    these men behind the wall
    Daniel aka boogie 2020