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  • You're Worth

    You’re worth a hundred times

                Your weight in gold

    A precious jewel surrounded by

                Colored glass, but never told

    Worth all the love & attention

                That was never showed

    You’re worth the frustration of

                Your shifting tide of temper

    Worth the patience of

                Waiting for its boil to turn to a simmer

    Worth the preparation to

                Plan & cook a romantic dinner

    You’re worth the anger at someone

                Who’s mistreated you

    Worth the affection it takes

                To comfort you

    Worth the simple hugs

                To give solace when you’re feeling blue

    You’re worth the listening ear to be

                Fully made clear

    Worth the vulnerability of

                Admitting my fears

    Worth the compassion to

                Share in your tears

    You’re worth the time

                It takes to show what love means

    Worth the work & dedication

                To fulfill all our dreams

    Worth the humor & respect

                That’s why I call you my queen