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  • While We Are Separated From Each Other

    While We Are Separated From Each Other


    Perpetually thankful for sending me an angel for that woman’s my blessing

    Designed from my vivid imagination with such pleasure beyond the physical essence

    Was once blind with no vision, now consistent my heart can see

    God you made her for me, but why is it so challenging for us to be

    I see that love is pain, but this divine affection with her is worth the fight

    She is perfection painted like Vangoeth with the same paintbrush he used for Starry night

    Her inner and outer beauty seems meticulously sculptured from a Leonardo da Vinci Masterpiece

    Leaving the strongest men weak in captivation like the Greek Socrates poignant philosophy

    The thoughts of losing her is passionate pain from within to the point of internal faints

    Still can recall her favorites: penguins, lilies, sushi, and the movie The Boondock Saints

    Lord bless her through the tough times, for I’ll do whatever it takes to have her back

    They say if you love them then let them go, but it’s hard for God given love to even think like that

    Heavenly father all I ever wanted was to make her happy and give her what others failed to dare

    A greater love, treat her like a queen, build her up, and demonstrate what it’s like to have someone who truly cares

    Others of her past only wanted her for selfish pleasure, no commitment, just a waste of time

    But speaking as her soul mate I first wanted to make love to her soul, and even more to her mind

    “My queen whatever God has in store for us I’ll accept, rather I want to or not, cause you’ll always be my lover”

    “I just pray Genesis 31:49 that God keep his eyes on us while we’re separated from each other.”