Damar T. Hampton's Poetry

  • “Simple Complexity”

    Stars twinkle in the night sky,

    The earth seems to shake w/my every step.

    Hearts petter patter in my ear, I know that love must be near.

    I seek and search but I can’t seem to find,

    What I look for it seems to always hide.

    Shooting across the sky I make a wish,

    That your love I’ll soon find.

    I look up, down, left and right,

    Simplicity and complexity, two ends of the same stick.

    Look at the sky – stars, clouds, moon and sun,

    Look at the earth – water, land, grass and trees,

    Life as far as the eye can see.

    Complex, God did it all.

    Surely if He can do all that, He can do something as simple

    As bringing your love to me.

    The ground continues to shake with my every step – it’s no earthquake.

    My knees are weak and wobbly from my heart despair,

    So close but still so far, like trying to grab the winds.

    How can you hold on to somethin’ that can’t be seen?

    Love, is it real or only a myth?

    It has to be real – I can feel it surge through my body with our every kiss.

    Love can be held, it does have a smell,

    And it tastes so good – love, four little letters that make up

    A simple but complex word.

    Two ends of the same stick, polar opposites.

    Grab the stick, pick it up,

    You’ll get love, but you’ll also get hate.

    Simple and complex.


          by Damar Hampton