Damar T. Hampton's Poetry

  • Forever & A Million Nights

    They say that time waits for no man – will you wait for me?

    My heart’s been chained down & locked away – but you have the key.

    Will you open the door & release me from these chains – set my heart free?

    My love is your love – you are my queen, the queen of my heart.

    Once I have your love – it’s until death do us part.

    But let’s not speak of death – let’s enjoy life.

    I’ll always stand at your side – me as your husband & you as my wife.

    I’ll live & die for you,

    Walk through fire for you –

    Steal the sun, moon, & stars from the sky for you.

    When you breathe – I’ll be the air for you!

    Now that we’ve met I can’t see living life without you.

    You are the reason for each beat of my heart.

    Every breath I take is for you.

    I truly believe that God made “you” for “me”.

    So as we walk down this road - the one they call life,

    Know that I’ll always be there, right by your side.

    Forever & a day – is that all you ask?

    I’ll give you forever & a million days, along with a million nights!


    by Damar Hampton