Damar T. Hampton's Poetry

  • Two Hearts – One Love!!!

    You say that your heart is weak, don’t worry my love is strong.

    & when I look into your eyes; all at once my heart sings a million songs.

    I long to be your man, the one you know you can trust.

    & if the world should ever shut you out – you’ll always have my love.

    Every time I close my eyes, your smile is all I see.

    Every dream & fantasy – they’re all of you & me.

    When you feel that you are weak, let me be your strength.

    For what is a love from lovers who never became friends?

    When they see you they should also see me.

    That’s how our love should be.

    Higher than the solar system.

    Deeper than the oceans & the seas.

    Your eyes shine as bright as day.

    I lose myself within your stare.

    For your love I am a fool, but guess what – I don’t care!

    So if your heart should start to ache,

    Please pass that pain to me.

    Let my heart do all the work,

    It’ll beat for you & for me.


    by Damar Hampton