Damar T. Hampton's Poetry

  • Actions Speak Loudest

    When I look at you I see a woman who deserves someone’s best, their all.

    That’s what I want to give you – my all!

    That may not be much right now, but I won’t always be down.

    I feel like I’m walking on sunshine,

    I’ve been lifted past cloud nine.

    Things may seem bad at times,

    But I know as long as I have you everything will be just fine.

    Joy & laughter – tears & pain.

    One I hope to bring to you while taking the other away.

    That doesn’t mean you’ll never feel pain,

    Just that I’ll always be there to kiss your tears away.

    Forever & a day – in me that you shall have.

    Forever & a day, & unlimited love.

    I long to hold you, kissing your sexy lips while whispering sweet nothings in your ear

    While my arms are wrapped around your waist.

    To look deeply into your beautiful eyes – telling you that I love you with my every kiss.

    But mere words will never do.

    So please allow for my actions to speak to you.

    Let me show you how I feel with my deeds.

    I want to help supply your wants as well as your needs.

    Words are wind, some might say.

    Games are for losers – that’s why I refuse to play.

    So please, listen to me,

    Hear my words but pay closer attention to my deeds.

    Love – is that what you seek?

    Forever & a day – is that what you need?

    Look a little closer – for you’ll find both those, & much more, in me!

    You are my queen, let me be your king.

    Show me the way to your heart,

    That’s what I want, what I need!

    My whole world revolves around you, you are the light of my life.

    I’ll be the happiest man alive – when I have you forever in my life.

    What is a woman’s worth?  Look at you & you’ll see.

    All the treasures in the world aren’t worth more than you – at least not to me!

    They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder – well, my eyes have beheld.

    Some say it’s only skin deep – yours comes from within.

    With all that being said – what more can I say?

    Three simple words come to mind, but need I really say?

    Let my actions speak!!! J


    by Damar Hampton