Damar T. Hampton's Poetry

  • Our Star

    Once upon a time, in a land not so far away,

    A baby girl was born - whose beauty could take your breath away.

    & on the very night of that same day,

    Shone a star so bright, it made nite look like day.
    The child’s parents were in awe - & whispered in their baby girl’s ear,

    That star is your angel & will always be near.

    & to this very day – on a clear still night,

    You can still see that star – as it shines so bright.

    Beautiful was that day, the day of her birth,

    That’s also the day an angel came down to earth.

    She brings so much joy, & it’s no wonder why.

    If you’d look real close you’d see the sparkle in her eyes.

    So look to the sky & you too can see,

    That star shining bright for the whole world to see.


    by Damar Hampton