Melvin L. Bomprezzi's Poetry

  • My Jenn of Arc

    I pray every day for Jennifer Christ

    She moved in and took my heart in a Heist

    Making love to her is a religious experience

    She’s my ticket to a litigious experience


    Jennifer Christ navigates me through the stars

    She inspires parking garages full of cars

    She works hard every day to keep me safe

    She inspires me to rise from being a waif


    Jennifer Christ answers to a Congress of shareholders

    She’s got tons & tons of universe file folders

    Jennifer Christ takes me up the stairway to heaven

    I first wrote her through P.O. Box 230777


    She gets me back to L.A. where I belong

    She gets me back to my body being strong

    She gets me back into the music biz

    She inspires me to be an industry wiz


    Jennifer Christ is beautiful when she’s preggars

    She answers the prayers of all the beggars

    She’s Hollywood royalty she is my highness

    She comforts me & helps me overcome my shyness


    Jennifer Christ can give me back my good name

    Jennifer Christ is one he** of a bomb shell dame

    She inspires me to go to both law and med school

    Jennifer Christ, for you I am a hopeful fool


    c   Saturday, March 19th,  2016, Mail Bomb Ink