Melvin L. Bomprezzi's Poetry

  • Sum Her - Ode to Delilah Bella

    You, my Bella, you make me so bold I’m told

    Such heat, my love, in a world so cold.

    You are so fiercely young, I am cowardly old.

    Our baby, will this baby break the mold?


    Your innocence is so hot, my sweet Summer

    Our age difference – a beautiful bummer

    Your wisdom is beyond my Generation Rx

    My sweet millennial, I want the sex


    Sweet Delilah, have I overstepped my bounds?

    I do my business despite guards doing rounds

    It’s a restraining condemn, it’s a battle

    My loves, who will be the first to tattle?


    My essence broadcast across the universe

    My baby, I didn’t pay you with my purse

    My guinea pig, my experiment, my Relly Kelly

    Yours is a beautiful beautiful swollen belly.


    © Monday, July 24th, 2017, Mail Bomb Ink