Melvin L. Bomprezzi's Poetry

  • My Dysfunctional Family

    Meet my father – his name is Mr. President
    In my family I am just a resident
    Meet my mother – her name is the House and Senate
    I ask for her help and she tells me just a minute

    Meet the Judges – they are my school
    They have turned me into a fool
    Meet my brothers – they are the cops
    In our sibling rivalry – we don’t pull out the stops

    Meet my sister – she’s the slutty news
    She f**** my father – she gives me the blues
    Meet my dog – she’s the books I read
    She give me everything I need

    Meet my church – she’s my radio and television
    Her parables teach – she gives me h***-a-vision
    Meet my job – slave to the head shrinkers
    Dysfunction makes me the greatest of thinkers

    Meet my girlfriend – I met her in sixth grade
    She’s put me to work in the slave trade
    Meet me – oh, what a lucky man he was
    They sent me to my room just because

    Meet my god – she knocks at the walls
    She never comes – she never stalls
    Meet my house – she is my prison
    Within her walls, many troubles have arisen