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  • One Day


    Hopeless days with dream filled nights

    Hoping that someday I'll finally get to see the light

    My sunshine is no more

    One can only hope the sounds of happiness come through my door.

    Life as I know it no longer exist

    Just a memory of my past that leaves my eyes in mist

    As I close my eyes and remember your scent

    Just the thought of you is like a spark to my flint


    One day I hope to have you I my grasp again

    In hopes are friendship will last to the end

    Broken promises, shattered dreams

    I didn't respect you or give you the nourishment you deserve or need

    I didn't realize what I had till you were lost and taken from me

    One can only hope and pray you come back to me

    My love for you has grown strong, but is this only cuz you have gone?

    No ever told me how to treat you

    No one told me you were as precious as gold

    The more I think about you the more that I need you

    The more time that we spend away the more we grow apart

    Just another lost day trapped in the storm

    I know that I've promised you these things before

    This time it wont be so easy to walk through your door

    My freedom I've lost, but when I get you back I will hold on to you like never before...