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  • "My End"

    I was off to my fate as soon as I knew your name.

    I deny that which feels it could free me...

    loving you, Fearing you now my dictomy,

    you ignore me, for what am I to such as you?

    Yet I continue to torture myself, what am I to do...

    To want you, to serve you,

    one is a want, the other is a need...

    I would satisfy your every vice be it lust, wrath or greed..

    there is trembling the few times contact is made..

    I’d fall to my knees, your every word obeyed.

    You glance onward, me not worthy to be seen,

    I’d be your friend, your slave or anything in between...

    I’m burning as Icarus, whos too close to the sun...

    acting to satisfy what my heart desires,

    one must ever satiate the demand of the souls deeper fires...

    “For she is my end.”