Eric Hanson's Poetry

  • My Dream

    Once, I was afraid I’d never find someone

    To really care about.

    I wanted someone perfect,

    At least for me.

    A special kind of talking, an honest

    Way of listening without judgment;

    Not being afraid to laugh or cry;

    Kindness and understanding;

    Fun, love, and excitement:

    Someone who could lift my heart

    With joy.

    I guess I probably expected too much,

    But I am a dreamer!

    And I dreamed that someday that

    Someone’s special love would transform my life.

    In spite of all the waiting,

    All the loneliness,

    All the almost giving-up,

    It’s been worth it: it’s all been worthwhile.

    And dreams really do come true,

    Because what I always hoped for,

    Wasn’t a dream… it was you.