Eric Hanson's Poetry

  • My Life

    I lie awake on a long dark night

    I can’t seem to control my mind anymore

    The pain and sadness are killing me inside

    I can’t accept the life that is now mine


    This simple living without reason is my desperate cry.

    I’m trying to hold it together, but

    the thought of being all alone is the reason I feel so alone.

    I’m worn out and cold.  I’m barely holding it together.

    I’m living in this body and it won’t heal.

    I’m calloused to the bone.


    The sun shines and I can’t avoid the light

    I think maybe I’m holding onto this life too tight.

    Sometimes I feel like giving up, and

    the feeling just won’t leave me.


    With each new day I pray that it will

    be the day I leave all this behind, but it’s

    not, the nightmare continues.


    So I remind myself that one day it will all end.

    But today I choose to fight for another tomorrow

    and a chance to walk free and clear my name.