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  • Taking a Chance With Me...

    Taking a chance with me is the choice of destiny

    You can have my loyalty and attention

    I’m not for everyone but I maybe just for you

    I’ll be the man to pick you up and never put you down

    I’m a King waiting 4 my Queen to claim her crown

    This journey to finding love is everything but meaningless

    I’m in search for a partner who can hold me down

    Even when times aren’t the easiest

    It’s been a long road on this journey alone

    It’s been forever since I had someone to call my own

    I’ve made changes in my life

    I can be your best friend, an incredible lover

    All the more reasons why I’m your Mr. Right

    New experiences and unforgettable memories are ahead

    Reasons why I am blessed to have you in my life will never go unsaid

    I’m calling out to you so reach out to me

    We may be a perfect match if you foresee what I see

    Our potential is limitless, my love is endless

    Pick up a pen and let’s begin

    And explore the unknown

    Until then, Forever I’ll remain someone who could have been…