Lavar R. Powell's Poetry


    When did Truth become treason in this country???

    When the Law Enforcers/POLITICIANS commit crimes they get a slap on the wrist in this country!!!

    When a BLACK MAN/LATINO commit crimes we get Double DIGITS IN THIS COUNTRY!!!

    THIS Country Advertise SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING, It’s a catch “22” in this country!!!

    SEE/SAY Something I come to realize only applies to BLACKS/Hispanics, but what happens when

    a Cop or politician break the law? , (NOTHing) it gets swept under the rug in this country!!!

    IN Closing: My COUNTRY (U.S.A.) defecated on me, she wants to get rid of me…. (LAND of the Free huh?!?!)

    (R.I.P.) SEAN BELL, SEAN BOONE, Tookie Williams, ERIC GARNER, MICHAEL BROWN, Alrich (TEK) Alexandre, NATLEE HOPKINS-POWELL, I could go on and on – but the list is too long. =(


    (P.S.) I am (not) on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM or any of the New Social Media sites if you would like to comment on this poem only do so by (via) the name/address on this profile page…FRAUD IS REAL be MINDFUL….