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  • Time Out

    Time is a continuous series of irreversible events: Past, Present, and Future.


    I can track its history, see it’s movement, predict its path and certainly feel its pressure.


    Time exists everywhere yet it only matters to the human species to the natural world time – just is.


    Stars are born, live and die with the span of billions of years yet, actually it’s – meaningless.


    The concept of time is absolutely the most important item governing our lives – nothing else comes close.


    Here’s my problem with time: It’s my greatest asset and my biggest liability.


    You see, I’m a prisoner doing life, so I’m basically waiting for my time to expire.


    I can see the human race striving for useful, purposeful, and valuable lives.  Yet each day there’s not enough hours to accomplish their goals.


    We’ve become obsessive with the idea of maximizing our time, becoming more efficient.


    We invented cars, planes, computers, phones, all to save precious time, so what did we do with this extra time.


    Will we live longer, will we enjoy our lives more, will we achieve more???


    The answer should be YES! – by a factor of ten, but sadly, it’s not.


    Each day we struggle to put 26 hours into a 24 hour day.


    I get up each morning figuring out how to waste 24 hours.  A single parent, soccer mom, a red cross volunteer, or even the US President won’t meet the day’s goals, just not enough time.


    I truly wish I could donate 2 hours a day, that should certainly help – or would it?


    A great college coach said, “We didn’t lose the game, we merely ran outta time.”


    What we should do, is invent a 26 hour day.