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    When its heart is taken from it

    Love gets it back

    When its heart tires to leave

    Love never lets it go

    When its heart becomes angry

    Love calms it down

    When its heart has done wrong

    Love forgives

    When its heart strays off path

    Love steers it back right

    When its heart wants to stop beating

    Love never lets it stop

    When the heart wants to die

    Love makes it live

    When the heart doesn’t see the point

    Love becomes the compass

    When the heart wants to go back

    Love moves it forward

    When the heart is afraid

    Love protects

    When the heart wants to hate

    Love always overcomes

    When the heart is alone

    Love is always around

    So what does LOVE do??

    Love keeps the heart going, without

    the heart the body would die, without love

    the heart would die..... what love does is

    keep the body alive.


    The body is strong because of everything

    Love does.


    by Dominique Martez Reed