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  • Downwind

    Her scent is so intoxicating

    Unescapable and emotionally poison

    Addictive in it’s natural form of attraction

    I can smell her in my sleep


    Avoidance is impossible

    Separation is no more than undesirable

    Detoxification unnecessary to openly devoted fanatic

    I will always rejoin her


    I feel emotionally sheltered with her

    Her arms are my only needed sanctuary

    She is the stream to which I must always return

    She makes it so pleasurable to swim upstream


    I’ve never had to fight for her

    With me, she has always been from the start

    To me, the plus she, equals we, that concept being all the time for me

    She is to me, everything I need


    Michael LaVell Mayberry

    February 20th, 2012