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  • Come In Explore Your Options

    Come in explore your options

    Tonight you should reach a height, that the sky

    Won’t catch you the highest form of my admiration

    I ain’t no kinda of a snore, but I’m kinda sure

    You will admire my taste.


    In before the sun graze you, I’m trying to see

    How deep you are and believe me love, I’m not talking

    About no inmate conversation


    I want to see if I can make you reach things

    Unattainable, when I peek into your nature

    And I promise you my goals will exceed any

    Physical pleasure


    I want to give you what’s better than better, the

    Better my effort the wetter her treasure,

    The more these mere moments seems like heavens

    Or temporary forevers


    Sweetheart, get it together, may you love come

    Down so my mind might have you


    You designed my imagination, let me redefine

    4play for you, need 5 tell me love, you got it baby

    If it’s not it baby, I hope it progress.  Let it all drip

    If you stop that shaking, no more talking BABY