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  • Our Utopia

    An island of absolute truth, never absent of fruit

    Where it’s a cruse to be in a rush…

    We’re so deep in love, it’s like we’ve never known lust

    Where the clouds are the softest pillows and there’s always room to grow

    No fears…just innocence…this the life we chose

    So the sun laughs with us, the moon takes baths with us

    We’re at the pinnacle inhaling peace

    Nothing cynical, all the pains released…you’re the masterpiece

    The sun’s worthless without the earth

    On this island, this love we share…

    You’ll never be second, you’ll always be first

    Trust me…the grass will stay fluffy

    Lay back…close your eyes…get comfortable…be vulnerable…

    Can you hear the music

    Violins, harps, saxophones…how they flow so fluid

    Can you get used to it

    I know it may be difficult to understand my love

    But I’m gonna make you get used to it

    All that suffering…self doubt and hate, should of never got used to it

    You far from useless…far from stupid…far from clueless

    You the complete opposite, you  my oxygen

    I’m at your temple offering, comprehend the truth that I’m offering

    What good is a picture, if nobody couldn’t see it

    What good is heaven on earth if you wouldn’t be it

    I don’t need you to believe it…I need you to breathe it

    My love is obvious without you, it won’t exist without you

    Walk through the valley, touch the flowers…this is ours

    This is our place

    When I kiss you…touch you…daydream of you

    This is where I go to

    An island of absolute truth, never absent of fruit

    This place could NEVER exist without you