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  • Here I Am

    Don’t judge me you wouldn’t understand

    How it would feel to be touched by this man

    The palms of my hand embrace you in

    The spiritual form

    Wiping away all doubts please

    Don’t accept the norms

    I want you, I need you that

    What this is about

    Where is your heart right now?

    Is it locked down waitin’ to be free

    Here I am

    Look no further

    Lust and love you can have all of me

    Just let me know how you want it

    Fast or slow

    Soft or hard

    Release those tears & pain

    I know you’re tired

    One in a million

    This is your chance

    It was written

    Destined to be

    All you gotta do is find a way to contact me

    You’ll see that physically your true friend really does exist

    Here I am

    Take a change of love again

    First time?

    Yours & Mine