Daniel L. Lowry's Poetry

  • S.C.A.R.E.C.R.O.W.

    Surrounded by a murder alone in a field, arms spread out, I stand post.  All alone in the maze, seen from the distance but, never truly known.  Faceless expression head hangs low.  twenty five to thirty feed from the ground I lie in wait.


                                        Sometimes I wish this was a life I never knew.

                                        Can no one hear my call?

                                        Answer the questions to this life called me.

                                        Resting in peach as I still breath.

                                        Everyday starts only to repeat once again.

                                        Close my eyes to visions of a life I once understood.

                                        Remembering my freedom and childhood.

                                        Old days that once made me feel good.

                                        Wasted time I will never get back, I wait.


    Out in the field, alone in the maze.  I stand post, waiting, watching looking at life slip by.  Day by day.  Night by night.  Arms spread out.  Head hangs low.  Faceless I stand post.


    A Poem by Daniel L. Lowry 6/28/06