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  • Do You Know?

    Do you know what it’s like when your loved one is away? 

    With nights so cold and miserable, another hour brings another day.


    Only to open up the wound for another lonely night

    As you feel so sad for no one lies by your side.


    Bleak winter days that makes you want love more thinking and dreaming of the day your love walks through your door 

    Plans of dreams that will soon come true hoping and praying that your lover really loves you.


    Crying no more for painful moments spent alone.  But tears of happiness because your loved one is finally back home.

    Do you know?  Can you tell me what it’s like? 

    For two in love to be apart, with only love to make their love right.


    A love for two wrapped all up together

    Something they seek to have always and forever

    For another lonely night we surely do not really need

    Because darling these lonely nights are really killing me.


    I need you and want you forever by my side

    I need you to be my friend, my lover and my guide

    For I feel you know what it’s like to be alone

    Because you await for me to come on home.