Nathan Guillory's Poetry

  • Softest Place On Earth

    She is as beautiful as the midnight sky

     illuminated by the ethereal glow from the stars of the galaxy

    Compelling all who dare to gaze upon her

     to be drawn into her orbit

    Only to be consumed like a moth to the flame.

    For who can deny her gravity?

    Flawless smooth skin

     deeply kissed by the harsh rays of the midday sun

    She is the original.


    The ultimate companion & confidante

     torn from my side, born under ice & fire

    and able to conjure the strongest desire

     with just one look from those almond shaped eyes &

    a voice that soothes & flows as smooth as honey.


    Did I somehow forget to mention

     her full lips-

    and a killer set of hips that will shake you up

    then drop you down to your doom?

    Cause all it takes is one bite of that apple

     and I swear you’d be hooked.

    But most importantly her wisdom pours forth

     exposing all of the things I’d overlooked

    She knows no limit.

     Like resilience…commitment…persistence, and

    RESISTANCE to the improper plots & schemes

     dreamed up by detractors.

    She is the ultimate factor

     and because she comes from me

    she overstands that my heart has been hardened since birth.

    That’s why when the cumbersomeness of the universe

     weights heavily upon my shoulders

    she envelopes me in…

    The Softest Place On Earth.