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  • Once My Father Told Me

    Once my father told me about a man

    who wishes upon a love that he didn't need

    But a love like what he wished upon could only come true in a dream.

    Then as soon as I saw you

    as beautiful as you were

    my wishes and my dreams were complete

    and the only reason for you being on this earth

    is for me to please.

    Now there's not another woman

    in this whole wide world for me

    but you.

    And I would love you through eternity if it was possible to.

    And if it was possible...

    I'd take all the colors from the skies & heaven above

    watch the rainbows fall

    then replace them with my love.

    You see, if only a lonely woman would wait for a lonely man

    all the questions to life would have their answers.

    Questions like....

    Who do I go to bed with and wake up to for the rest of my life?

    Questions like....

    Who is my true soulmate, & will we ever fall heads over heels in love?

    All the problems of life would have their solutions

    and all the questions to life would need no answers.

    Then and there-at that precise moment

    our two lives could only be but one...