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  • Captive Gender

    I get strange looks

    Like “What’s wrong with that guy?”

    You see a guy, but I tell you it’s a lie

    There’s more for you to see

    Like the person trapped inside of me

    Just beggin’ to break free

    I’m not a “ho” or a “punk”

    Or some stupid prison junk

    I’m just a lady, with class

    Not a person to harass, or grab my ass

    I’ve got feelings and thought that are complex

    No I don’t wanna blow you, or have prison sex

    Just because I show you my true self

    Doesn’t mean you can talk to me that way

    (Like I was born yesterday)
    I love that we’re not the same

    You, me we all got pain

    But when you start hatin’

    It’s kinda lame; and I won’t play your game

    So just keep it real, show me how you feel

    I’ll tell you what; let’s make a deal

    Let’s learn from others; Love each other

    Like sister and brothers

    Let’s give it a try, it feels great not to lie

    Or have to cry, without even knowin’ why