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  • Still Resisting (A True Experience) by Lesley Knight

    Racked in this solitary cell.

    I’ve been pacing alone silent for a very long time,

    Wanting to express what’s really been on my mind.

    You’ve counted me out without even looking back,

    Do you even know that I still got your back?

    I know I was blind due to my rage for liberation,

    Struggling and striving and caught up in tribulation.

    Yeah I know now that I worsened the situation,

    But still haven’t broke after 10 years of isolation.

    I’ve survived much, I’m still a determined man,

    Growing stronger everyday in every way that I can.

    Though in my heart there’s a pain,

    I miss you so much,

    I regret I lost focus,

    I regret I lost touch.

    So I pray and I hope and continue to cope,

    It’s hell inside this cell, but I refuse to be broke…