Jeff Nelson's Poetry

  • Untitled

    I used to hang out in the mountains

    and puff that skunky dang.

    But five years back I lost my job

    and had to rob a bank.


    Now I’m in prison with three to go

    and my friends are less than few.

    But I’ve got a little amphibian

    that hangs out in the tip of my shoe.


    Unlike most of the guys around here

    froggie never complains.

    And he’s the only one cool enough

    to reside in my domain.


    He hops around my cell at night

    and what he does I haven’t a clue.

    But every morning when I wake up

    he’s having frog dreams in my shoe.


    He likes to munch on crickets and flies

    and I keep him well supplied.

    Even though bugs like these

    can be such a pain to provide.


    And everytime I flick a fly

    into his habitat,

    his eyes get big, he smiles and says

    “Hey man, thanks for the snack.”


    I tickle him with a little leaf

    he laughs and I tell you it’s true.

    He likes to play froggie games

    and hang out in the tip of my shoe.