Jeff Nelson's Poetry

  • Crossroads

    From where I stand I clearly see

    the courses laid that beckon me.

    To the left the path is true

    the meadows lush, the waters blue.


    And to the right, a knarled old tree

    down the lane, it calls to me…

    “Come hither, lad, the time is nigh”

    and yet I linger by and by.


    Haste is waste and ‘fore I tread

    I hesitate to leave this bed.

    Of contemplative mellow joy

    built of dreams since man was boy.


    Up to this point it’s always been

    a troubled path, since way back when.

    Filled with struggle, sorrow, pain

    wind and clouds and storms and rain.


    And just when sun has dried the sky

    and doves and robins sing and fly.

    My feet are light, my mind is clear

    no linger’n hate or worry or fear.


    I hesitate…and pause, before

    I cross the gate, go through the door.

    That leads my life a final time

    toward destiny, thine fate of mine.


    An though that path of blissful light

    hath brought a tear of joy this night.

    ‘Tis not my destined fate at all

    for toward that knarled old tree I call.


    And even as I wonder why

    “I’ve chosen wrong, again!” I cry.

    A voice I hear so clearly say

    “the easy path is not thine way.”