Jeff Nelson's Poetry

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    Oftentimes I sit and stare at the walls of this blank cell,

    I question myself, where did I go wrong?

    How did I fail? Good didn’t intend this dead end reality for me…

    I was supposed to see the world.

    He meant for me to live free is now a deferred dream, nothing in life comes easily.

    Every situation is a test, but to want to walk in my “State boots,”

    I would think deeply about making that request an unpredictable environment.

    Simple thoughts no longer your own, people playing with your mail, money is funny.

    And although you are surrounded by “others,” it’s as if you are but all alone.

    Ask yourself, “Are you ready for this?”

    Are you ready to look back on life as it is/has zoomed by…

    Telling your “homies” the same war stories over and over again,

    Lying to one another about what should have been and continuing to ask yourself why, why, why?

    Ready to be treated like a dog? Getting mistreated, getting kicked while you’re down by someone unworthy jerk who has brought his problems from home to work?

    Viewed as the worst in the world.

    How about regulations and hugs and kisses from your girl?

    Troubles? I can guarantee that my problems are greater than yours and I honestly don’t think you are ready for the slamming of these doors.

    So think about your family, your woman, all the precious milestones you’ll miss and then ask yourself again…