Jeff Nelson's Poetry

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    I will take a risk and try to fall in love with me –

    ignoring the ancient negative narrative that I’ve

    allowed to constantly plague me.

    I will try to take a step back and allow others their

    journey – I admittedly do no one a favor (myself included)

    playing “Mr. Fix it.”

    It’s oh that I’m afraid –

    violence need not be my response.

    I can peacefully co-exist with all of the intricacies

    and complexities of life.

    It’s about living in the now –

    fully accepting what I can and cannot control.

    Be kinder, -less judgmental – more patient – more

    honest – more merciful – toward myself!

    Out of my inner identity and sense of self flows my

    external experience and interplay with all I encounter.

    Do unto self-

    as I would do unto others –

    truly be the change and world I want to see.