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  • MARKINGS and The Writing On The Wall



    I have markings on my body to remember all I’ve done,

    I’ve lived a life full of sin and hate what I’ve become.

    I’ve tried to hard to be the man my family truely miss,

    But it seems as me doing so relies on more that wish.

    I pray to God and ask for help to keep me within reach,

    Maybe I can be the proof behind what others preach.

    I know I have a mission in life and a purpose meant for me,


    I feel it in my body now and hope to soon be free.

    I keep my heart from giving up for theres things that I hold dear,

    Forever am I going to be the one to preserver.




    “The Writing On The Wall”


    I know not whether laws be right

    Or whether laws be wrong;

    All that we know who live in prison

    Is that the wall is strong”

    And that each day is like a year,

    A year whose days are long.


                                                                Oscar Wilde